highly specialized engineering and project management

We are FinTest

About Us

About FinTest

Advisory and Consultation Services

Our staff can help you define a project, identify key issues, and and write a specification.

Development & Test

We handle architecture and development with an emphasis on performance and security.

Project Management

Our staff of skilled managers is adept at managing large and complex projects.


Who We Are

FinTest provides highly specialized engineering and project management services for the financial sector.

  • Advisory Services
  • Project Definition
  • Architecture/design and engineering
  • Project management
  • Security, Performance, and Test
  • System Development and Integration
    • Project Definition and Specification
    • Network and system architecture
    • Large system integration: eg: Salesforce with SAP
  • Cloud Based Development
    • Salesforce and ServiceMax development and integration
    • Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, Pig implementation
    • ETL of exisiting data into Big Data environment, as well as native data usage
  • Mobile Applications
    • iOS and Android
    • Integration with server and cloud based systems
    • Streaming media development
  • Security, Performance, and Test
    • Architectural and systems review
    • Performance testing and optimization
    • Security audit and analysis
  • FinTest is an engineering consulting organization that targets organizations with sophisticated financial and enterprise systems. The prime focus of FinTest includes:
    • Integration of multiple complex systems
    • Network architecture
    • Big Data applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Streaming media
    • Security
    • Performance

Our Services

Within the domain of digital TV our personnel has depth knowledge of and hands on experience in all of the following.

Advisory & Consultancy

Our staff of senior business, management, and technical staff have broad experience helping you define your systems

System Integrations

 We are expert in building complex environments for applications such as Salesforce.com, ServiceMax, SAP, and Oracle. 

System Architecture

 The creation of a secure and scalable network and system architecture the is essential foundation of all successful system implementations. 

Mobile Development

 We build both IOS and Android clients that accommodate both streaming media as well as standard data modeling. 

Security & Performance

Security and performance are paramount for all systems. We are expert in both. 


A system is only as good as it is tested and supported. We will stand with you. 


About Us

FinTest was founded by a small group of highly experienced entrepreneurs with engineering backgrounds. For over 30 years we have worked with number of large and small organizations including:

  • Banks and financial
  • Enterprise level integrators
  • Cloud based technology
  • Technology companies

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